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I am hearing a lot about boredom, restlessness and agitation these

days. The restrictions and limits we are dealing with are beginning to

lay heavy on the majority of us. Even home bodies and introverts

are finding the stay-at-home and safer-at-home orders to be a bit confining. Lethargy, loss of motivation and depression are creeping in on us.

Research tells us that we can boost our mood through activity, however that doesn’t mean occupying ourselves with any old thing. It is finding something that has meaning for each individual. If it is a meaning...

Empathy is about standing in someone else’s shoes, feeling with his or her heart, seeing with his or her eyes. Not only is empathy hard to outsource and automate, but it makes the world a better place.

Daniel H. Pink

Empathy is more than a word in a quote posted to someone’s Facebook page in an attempt to be poetic.  It’s a key ingredient in fostering loving and caring relationships. Being able to experience a situation from someone else’s point of view is a requirement for creating intimacy.


Even outside a romantic co...

“It is astonishing, in the end, how difficult it is to know

the things you know.  What I mean is that all I had discovered 

was everything I knew all along.”

― Aoibheann Sweeney

Anyone who has spent much time with children has heard the common

refrain, “I forgot”.  It can be the answer to anything from, “Where are your shoes?” to “Why are you late?” The phrase “I forgot” is probably more true than most adults want to accept. There are many ways that our mind has to get us to “forget” a piece of information, an event or an experience that it finds...

We are living in a time of crisis. We have lost our lives as we have known them, and we do not know when this will end or what life will look like when it does. Crisis is a rite of passage from one time and space to another that creates uneasiness and stirs emotion along the way with such feelings as:

“I am feeling terrible and I’m not sure what I am feeling.”

“I feel that I have lost my freedom.”

“I can’t go where I want to go and do the things that give me pleasure. Am I just shallowing in self pity and self centered?”

“What is wrong with me that I...

“I feel so stressed.”

“I am so worried.” 

“When will this end? I am so anxious.” 

In this moment, I hear these statements all day from every avenue.  They fill my therapy room, my email, the internet and every other form of media. I cannot answer the questions about when will it end or how our lives will be shaped by this, but I can offer two ideas to help you get through the pandemic in a calmer way.

Humanity's Affair with Worry

Humanity has a long history with the idea of worrying. It is a form of superstition that through history secretly traded in...

We spend our lives looking for happiness, often in the wrong places.  At a moment like this, when we are all at home with plenty of time to think, many of us are searching even harder.  We seek happiness in all the obvious places, and we come away disappointed. Perhaps what we should be seeking instead is freedom.

As children, we are taught what happiness is when we are read a fairy tale or watch a Disney movie. As adolescences, we are taught what happiness is through the messages of popular culture and love songs. As adults, we continue to s...

Do you ever wonder why you don’t get as much done as others seem to? Are you disappointed in the things you decide to do, or by the outcome you achieve? There are those who can get twice as much accomplished as most folks, even organized people. Why? It may have to do with intention.

The Many Faces of Intention

There is a lot of talk today about intentions, creating intentions for your day, your  life, or living an intentional life. There is also a lot of discussion about the kind of intentions you might have, good or bad, and the value or danger o...

“In truth, the minute we arrive we are born singing,

thought this is often mistaken for crying.” 

---Mark Nepo

When a baby is born, the doctor, the nurse, and the mother all wait to hear the baby’s first cry.  Silence, anticipation and fear are all experienced in that brief moment, waiting for the necessary sound that indicates new life. It is the sound of life. The traditional thinking is that the babies comes into the world crying. Yet, how would that experience change for those who wait for the sounds of life if they thought they were listening f...

Work when there is work to do. Rest when you are tired. One

thing done in peace will most likely be better than ten things done

in panic.

-Susan McHenry

My daughter works in a large New York hospital. As her mother, I am scared. I maybe putting an undue amount of fear into her situation. She definitely thinks so. When we talked about her job and the risk she faced, her answer to my fears was to say that there is too much negative energy in the world right now, and what we

need to do is to think positive thoughts and put creative energy into our lives....

Every hardship, every crisis we encounter changes us. It changes the way we think; it changes our outlooks on life. How we respond and the choices we make can determine if that change will enhance our lives or handicap them.

We are living in such a moment in history. The COVID-19 pandemic is something that the world has not seen in our lifetimes, and effects us emotionally regardless of our beliefs.  Here in the United States, we have lost our freedom in a way that has never occurred before.

The stress of the unknown, the stress of the loss of our...

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