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Counseling for Anxiety and Depression

Anxious about what the future holds?

Feeling discouraged and down on yourself?

Want to feel confident and capable again?

With so many demands on your life from your career and family, it can be hard to escape feeling anxious about whether you are living up to everyone's expectations. Sometimes the pressure builds up and you start to feel like a failure, or like there will be no chance to ever just be yourself and enjoy life the way you'd like it to be.

Anxiety is often a surface layer ​cover for depressive thoughts like nothing will change, or nothing you do matters. As a result you could be feeling unable to make good decisions about your life or career choices. And that lead to constantly feeling on edge about whether your job or marriage are secure.

We used to think that anxiety and depression were two nearly opposite things, but research shows that many people experience both at the same time. The anxiety-depression seesaw can become a vicious cycle.

I can help you recognize when anxiety is building up and when depression is dragging you down, what to do to get control of both before they overwhelm you.

Imagine a calmer, more empowered life.

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