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Meet Katherine


My Credentials

  • Masters of Divinity, Duke University


  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Certified EMDR practitioner

  • Formerly a substance abuse counselor, Wake County Alcoholism Treatment Center

  • Special focus on life transitions, relationship issues, addiction, depression and anxiety, ACOA, childhood trauma and abuse, life stress

As a young woman I struggled with depression. When I had my children, additional anxiety increased my burden and I could no longer cope with my feelings alone.

Through the process of therapy, I realized that growing up in an alcoholic family contributed to my low self-esteem, insecurities and the feeling that something was missing inside of me.


Therapy changed my life.


Learning how to cope with depression and anxiety gave me the tools to create and maintain a satisfying life. I wanted to share this, and help others the way I had been helped.

I began working with people as a volunteer doing individual counseling sessions and leading small groups at a local alcohol and drug treatment center. I returned to school and earned a Master’s degree at Duke.
After two years counseling at an alcohol treatment center, I went into private practice, where I have worked for the last 23 years.
During that time, I have expanded my work to include people who are struggling with their lives or feel badly about themselves and their relationships.
As a result, I have had the honor of seeing people transform unsatisfying lives and relationships into successful and happy ones.

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