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Counseling for ACOA
& Dysfunctional Families

Do you feel like a child in an adult’s body?

Are you afraid that people will find out you’re not
the calm, confident person you present to the world?

Is your life full of activity and yet you still feel isolated and alone?

More people have these feelings than you might think.


Dysfunctional families come in many forms, from those dealing with obvious issues of addiction or mental illness, to those that look “normal” enough but the problem is benign neglect. How you experienced life within your family defines whether it was dysfunctional.


As an Adult Child Of an Alcoholic (ACOA), I know how painful it is. In my family, the focus was on the alcoholic. In that kind of situation, all the family’s time and attention goes to maintain appearances and manage the situation so that no one will find out about the addict.

In any dysfunctional family, most of the energy and emotion is spent to maintain the illusion of normality. There was nothing left over for you.

Your needs were not seen or addressed. You grew up taking care of yourself, or perhaps caring for the alcoholic in your family, and now live with this needy child inside.

I have walked this road myself, and can promise you that therapy will help you reclaim your sense of self.


You respond to life with the fear and self-doubt that you learned as a child. To the outside world you respond as an adult while hiding your fear, pain and loneliness inside.

I can show you how to cope with these feelings, and silence the inner voices that say you’re not good enough.

Perhaps you have tried support groups in the past, or maybe this is the first time you’ve realized how your family dynamics then impact your identity now. All everyone wants, though, is to feel safe and secure; to discover the self-confidence that seems to come so effortlessly to so many of your friends and co-workers.

Let me help you.


I have spent more than 30 years on my own recovery, as well as more than 25 years working with people just like you: the unintended casualties of someone else’s addictions.

You do not have to live the rest of your life feeling like a child in an adult’s body. Counseling can help your needy child grow up into a well-rounded adult.


Therapy can change your life.

Call today: 919 881 2001

You can learn who you are, and how to
live in a way that satisfies you.

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