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Counseling about Relationships
and for LGBT

Does your partner drive you crazy sometimes?

Are you having a hard time finding acceptance for who you are?

Are you working through a recent break-up?

Feeling lonely in your friendships and intimate relationships?

Or are you unable to keep friends or lovers?

Good relationships take work. You might have heard that before.  But no one seems to know exactly how to make that happen without a lot of self-sacrifice, argument, or keeping your needs to yourself.

That's no way to feel truly and fully loved.


If you feel like you've lost yourself by being a people-pleaser, there are other options for having a good relationship.  If you tend to play hard-to-get, waiting for others to make the first move, you might really be avoiding giving the vulnerability that creates trust and intimacy.

Neither approach is useful in developing long term, solid relationships.

Are you in a relationship but feeling like you never get your own needs met? Do you keep quiet about your preferences just to keep the peace, or to seem more in favor of something than you really are? 


You may already be finding that kind of approach difficult to sustain. You can feel resentment building. And it's having a negative impact on your interactions.

Counseling can help.

For members of the LGBTQ community, the problem with relationships

can go even deeper. The quest to be understood and accepted for your

true self can strain even the most basic relationships between parent and child, or between siblings. Then, you step outside your immediate family where you assume love to be a given, and the strain increases.


Sometimes, you can lose best friends, lovers, or employment as you seek to simply be yourself.

Or, maybe the difficulty for you is with a bullying boss or uncooperative co-worker. You wish you knew could be more assertive at work, but have an understandable fear of losing your job. 

No matter what the reason, human interactions can be a challenge. That said, navigating these relationships doesn't always have to be a struggle. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but it does get easier with help.


Allow me to be a non-judgmental listening ear, and together we will work through the road blocks in your life.

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You deserve relationships that work.

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