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Benefits of Psychotherapy

Who gets psychotherapy?

People like you. They might be your neighbors, friends or coworkers. Just about everyone needs help at one time or another to meet life’s challenges. Sometimes it takes a caring, neutral person who is trained to help you find the resources within yourself and the community to help you put your life back together or make it more satisfying.
These are some common signs which drive people to seek therapy:


  • Feeling overwhelmed or stressed out

  • Being discontent or bored with life

  • Depression

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Over-eating or under-eating

  • A home life charged with tension

  • Unhappiness or feeling of dissatisfaction without apparent reason

  • Physical ailments that may be stress-related

  • Increased use of drugs and alcohol

  • Sexual difficulties

  • Job dissatisfaction


How might counseling help me?

I can help you learn how to:

  • Stop fighting with with spouse, partner, family members 

  • Improve relationship with co-workers, supervisors or friends

  • Deal with emotional stress

  • Deal with pressures and demands of parenting

  • Deal with work pressures

  • Recover from drug, alcohol, food and sex addictions

  • Ease the transition of a separation and divorce

  • Overcome depression

  • Cope with anxiety

  • Deal with sexual issues

  • Work through grief caused by loss of a parent, friend or child

  • Recover from childhood traumas

  • Build resources to live a more satisfying life

  • Deal with the effects of growing up in a troubled family

  • Recover from physical, sexual or emotional abuse

  • Cope with adult children of alcoholics (ACOA) issues

Find out more about how

psychotherapy will help with what's

causing your distress.
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