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Abuse & Trauma Counseling

Did you get scared and overwhelmed as a child?

Were you neglected or abused by a parent or primary caretaker?


As an adult, have you had an overwhelming experience

that seems to linger in your mind?


Do you live with feelings of shame and self-loathing?

Saying yes to any of these mean you could be experiencing or

healing from trauma.


Trauma can be caused by a wide variety of events, large and small. Trauma occurs when something happens to us that is larger than our ability to cope with it. In that experience, the normal human survival mechanisms stop working and we are left feeling alone, helpless and powerless, an intolerable state of being for human beings.

To our unconscious mind, this creates a vulnerability that could lead to our annihilation.


It can occur when as a child we are asked to tackle some task that is too large for us, such as staying in a house alone. It may have happened when you were bullied. Or it could happen as a teenager when witnessing some violent interaction/fight.


And of course, it can happen as an adult with a car accident, a difficult

death, or any form of violence perpetrated on you or your lifestyle.


Being traumatized can happen after one event or it can happen as events accumulate over a day, months or years, anything from childhood neglect and abuse to long term abuse by a partner, friend or boss. The list of potential causes is long.

Cumulative abuse is harder to identify because it becomes “normal”. You end up blaming yourself and working harder to fix an unfixable situation.


When it occurs in childhood, the child believes that they are wrong and bad and deserve being treated this way. Again it is their normal life.


The results can stay hidden for years, the memories and pain hidden deep inside. This leads to feeling of worthlessness, self doubt and the feeling

you are always wrong.


Your attempts to make things right are often met with a deep seated and sometimes unexplainable anxiety. You have a feeling of something not being right inside and a feeling of emptiness.


Regardless of what you are struggling with and the ways in which your trauma manifests, you can regain inner peace and experience a fulfilling future.

Therapy can help you fill that emptiness with positive feelings and

a sense of self. Working together, we can identify the root cause

that seems so normal in your life and give you the belief that you

can handle the life you have today.

Therapy will help you reduce

the impact of abuse or trauma.

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