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“Sing” a New Song to Start 2017

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Once again, a movie aimed at children has delivered an important message for all of us that may guide you on how to start your year. Sing, an animated movie about a world populated by animals, conveys the message: “don’t let fear keep you from doing what you love.”

There are many ways to approach the new year: resolutions, projects, intentions, goals, plans, attitudes, or simply choosing to let the year unfold day by day. Regardless of how you choose to start your year, it is important to make a conscious choice so that you can have a sense of success.

“Keep it simple,” usually works.


Buster Moon, a dapper koala, is the owner of a grand theater that has fallen on hard times. Buster loves his theater above all things and will do anything to save it. He is hounded on all sides by creditors and unpaid employees.

In a desperate attempt to keep the business he loves operating, he decides to produce the world’s greatest singing contest. What he doesn't realize is that, through the mistake of a loyal but incompetent employee, the prize money is inflated from the $1000 he barely has to $100,000 dollars.

A False Prize

This false prize attracts a group of talented misfits, five of whom are chosen to compete. A mouse who croons and cons; an overwhelmed mother who finds a way to participate while caring for her family; a young gangster trying to break away from the family organization; and a punk-rock singer struggling to leave her boyfriend and go solo.

Also part of the group is Meena, an extraordinarily talented young woman who allows herself to be pushed off the stage before auditioning because of fear and the arrogance of another performer. With the encouragement of her family she returns to the theater and, although she still cannot find the courage to audition, gets a job as the stage hand. While singing alone, Buster hears Meena and encourages her to join the group and do what she loves - sing. She refuses saying she is too afraid.

Many of the characters have little in common, aside from their determination to either win the prize or save the theater. Even so, they all experience three life lessons that are also pertinent to each of us as we embark on a new year.

1. Believe in yourself:

It took courage to find a way to show up and be present at the rehearsals. The characters fought self doubt and worked hard for their goals. Each contestant had to change the focus of their lives and fight against the current expectations placed on them by themselves and others. Each one had to decide what was important to herself or himself, and then go for it.

2. Relationships are the key:

The show would not have gone on, and no one would have been able to perform without the help and friendship of one another and the community. We cannot do it alone; everyone needs help to accomplish their goals.

3. Face your fears:

Finding your true self and accomplishing your goals is not easy. It takes work and effort. No one is going to do it for you or make it easy for you. It is possible to face your fears, make your decisions and find friends and support to accomplish what you desire for yourself.

I offer this suggestion to you for your new year: Make it your intention for 2017 that you will not let fear stop you from doing the things you want to do.

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