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The True Self: Part Rediscovery, Part Reinvention

Image of elephant at ancient ruins. Photo © Katherine Broadway | Renew yourself with Raleigh Psychotherapy and Katherine Broadway

You are on the path of finding your true self. This process is part discovery, as you learn about the parts of yourself that you like and want to keep, and part reinvention, as you merge the “keepers” with the new pieces you find.

When you are integrating the old self and the discovered self, it is helpful to have some direction. Pamela Mitchell, founder and CEO of The Reinvention Institute, has put a lot of work into providing this direction. Reading some of her latest works helped me assemble these steps to get you started.


1. Break it down:

When you are reinventing yourself, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all there is to do. Breaking it down into steps will help you clarify if this direction is the one for you. There’s an old riddle that asks, how do you eat an elephant? The answer? One bite at a time.

2. Conquer your elephant one bite at a time:

If your bite is too big, then make it smaller. Keep going until you know that you can handle the next step in your reinvention.

3. Do some time travel:

Look back to your younger self. There were things you liked to do, to see, and to think about. For example, maybe you liked to build things, or you played school and taught your dolls. These items may not seem important today, but they are. They provide clues to what is hiding inside of you.

4. Test drive your dream:

You can take a class, get a job or volunteer doing what you think you want to do. I know a woman who worked in a high-end consignment clothing store before she began her own vintage store online.

She has gone on to make her store into quite a success.

5. Just say no:

Gather the courage to walk away from the things that do not appeal to you or fulfill you. Just because it is a good opportunity does not mean it is good for you.

Spread the word. Talk about what you love, your dreams and plans. As you talk about what you are thinking, it can grow. Other people may have ideas that have not occurred to you. They also might have resources you do not know about. It will help you gain support and encouragement.

The important part of finding yourself is being steady in your process. Going too fast or too slow will hinder your process. Be patient with yourself, because this is a lifetime journey.

Are you finding it hard to stay steady and patient? I can help you along the path to self-discovery. Call me at (919) 881-2001.

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