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The Value of Chaos

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According to mythology, Khaos was the first being to come into existence. In Biblical usage, it is an abyss. In society, it is a state of lawlessness. In science it is a lack of intelligible pattern or combination, and in mathematics and physics, chaos theory deals with the behavior of certain nonlinear dynamic systems.

All of these definitions have something in common. Chaos represents a negative way of existing in the world that brings disorganization and is harmful to living a productive life. This can definitely be true, but as with most things, it is also not that simple

Returning to Greek and Roman Mythology, Khaos was not only the first being at the dawn of creation, she also can be seen as the mother and grandmother of

Earth, Air, Love, Night and Day. In other words, she was the mother out of

which came all that exist.

Later in the development of mythology, Khaos was redefined as the mix of elements which existed in the primordial universe. The modern word chaos comes from this name, and can be defined as the void from which all things developed into a distinctive entity.

When seen in this light, it is easier to recognize that chaos has an important purpose to serve and has value in our lives.

The 4 Values of Chaos

1. Chaos creates safety:

For people who grow up in families where they did not get their needs met or there was abuse, there is a necessity to find a way to be safe. Chaos creates an emotional barrier around you that will not allow the full impact of painful experiences to penetrate into your core self. It is a way to protect oneself.

2. Chaos creates connection:

It is necessary for a child to feel connected in order to grow and develop. Abandonment and absolute aloneness will mean annihilation to a child. When a parent or caretaker is unavailable, the energy created by the chaos feels like a life force and connection.

As an adult, we become attracted to others who have the kind energy we experienced as a child. It feels like love, safety, acceptance and home. This explains why some people are drawn to a chaotic existence.

3. Chaos creates excitement and entertainment:

Chaos is filled with high energy, fast movement and many moving parts. It is unpredictable and brings unexpected results. Like a horror movie, it brings entertainment without having to face what is currently frightening you. And like a movie, you can be an observer of the action while feeling the energy of the situation.

4. Chaos holds within it the potential for growth:

In the creation stories in mythology, it was within the void that the primordial elements were contained to create the universe. The same is true for every person who lives in and with chaos. It is there to hold and protect you until you are ready to grow and heal.

There is beauty and potential in the chaos that surrounds you. Like most things in life, if you can step back from the intensity of the moment and look at the bigger picture, you will see that there are elements of the situation you have not seen.

Life is made of patterns and within these patterns there are unexpected and unpredictable occurrences. Development is not linear or static. Life and growth are similar processes and it is out of the chaotic aspects of life that we find our greatest growth potential.

Is chaos ruling your life? I can help you find the way to make meaning of it, call me at (919)881-2001.

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