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The Black Cat: Breaking the Spell of Fear

Image of 2 cats on a stone wall. Raleigh Psychotherapy, counseling, fear, Katherine Broadway

A couple was walking along the boardwalk at the beach when a black cat ran across their path. The man said, “OH NO, Is this a bad omen?” His wife responded, “But you like kitties!”

That much was true. He remembered that as a child he had cats, and some of them were black. As an adult, however, he had forgotten the fun and joy he once associated with cats. As he moved through life, he experienced a number of bad and dangerous things.

Healthy Denial

He worked in a field where he saw a lot of pain and suffering. Accidents occurred and the unthinkable happened. It reinforced in his mind that everything safe was proven unsafe. Most of us have the ability to believe nothing bad will happen to us. This ability is known as healthy denial. It protects you from worrying about all the things that could happen to you today. As a result of his job, however, he sees danger everywhere.


In the opening lines of this article, you are presented with two views of a black cat. The first was one of fear and anxiety: the cat brought a message of doom. The second view was one of happy anticipation: a cat is fun.

When his wife said, “I thought you liked kitties,” it broke the “spell” of fear. They were able to laugh together, transforming the moment to one of joy and togetherness.


The message of this story is that with the help of others, it is possible to change your perspective. At times, you will not have someone with you. At those times you must hear your own inner voice which can help you break the “spell” created by the old messages and the Harsh Inner Critic.

If you find it hard to shake thoughts that cause you difficulty, I can help you transform your beliefs, thoughts and feelings. Call me at: (919)881-2001.

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