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Specialist for Adults dealing with 

anxiety, depression, relationships, stress, abuse, and trauma issues.

Advanced training in addiction and the needs of LGBT Individuals. 

I believe you can live a happy and successful life. I'd like to help you do that.

Are you feeling confused in a relationship?
Disappointed in your life?
Unfulfilled in your job?
Angry about the choices you have made?

There is hope!

I can help you find your way to a happier life. I see individuals and couples change depression, anxiety, grief, stress and despair into happiness, peace and confidence through the process of therapy.

We will work together and to help you create a happier life. Our most important task will be to develop a plan which fits you as a unique individual. We will help you heal and develop the resources you need to continue the healing process. We will develop enough safety and trust that you can say whatever you are thinking and feeling at any moment without feeling judged or criticized.

This unique relationship develops because I will treat you with respect and compassion in a warm, confidential, validating and private environment.

Call me for a free

15 minute phone consultation


or read more about

my areas of specialty.

Image of smiling businesswoman happy with Counseling for Executive Stress
Image of brunette woman satisfied with Counseling for Anxiety and Depression
Image of African American man thinking about Counseling for Relationships & LGBT Issues

Do you wish you had:

  • more balance /less stress

  • clarity on decisions

  • graceful assertiveness

  • career path strategy

If so, counseling will help you lean into your career.

Are you often:

  • scared or hesitant

  • unable to calm yourself

  • dreading social events

  • paralyzed by change


If so, counseling will help you overcome your worries.

Find it challenging to:

  • to attract the right people

  • be seen for who you are

  • disagree without fighting

  • get your needs met


If so, counseling will help you improve all relationships.

Image of woman on a beach anticipating Counseling for Addiction
Image of African American businessman smiling about Counseling for ACOA & Dysfunctional Families
Image of young blonde woman pleased with getting Counseling for Abuse & Trauma

Counseling for

Counseling for ACOA & Dysfunctional Families

Counseling for
Abuse & Trauma

Is it harder than it should be:

  • to maintain sobriety

  • to resist peer pressure

  • to forgive your parent

  • to trust your spouse

If so, counseling will help you sustain the change you want.

Are you:

  • chronically sad or tired

  • always irritable

  • mostly negative

  • unmotivated, hopeless


If so, counseling will help you get your old self back.

Have you been:

  • witness to an awful event

  • victimized or threatened

  • bullied as child or adult

  • afraid to be alone


If so, counseling will help you heal through the trauma.

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