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We are living in a time of crisis. We have lost our lives as we have known them, and we do not know when this will end or what life will look like when it does. Crisis is a rite of passage from one time and space to another that creates uneasiness and stirs emotion along the way with such feelings as:

“I am feeling terrible and I’m not sure what I am feeling.”

“I feel that I have lost my freedom.”

“I can’t go where I want to go and do the things that give me pleasure. Am I just shallowing in self pity and self centered?”

“What is wrong with me that I...

John walked into the office and before he sat down, he announced that he had sold his motorcycle.  It was a shock to me as well as to him.

Previously, he had casually mentioned that he might have to sell it.  He didn’t want to, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to ride due to back and hip issues.  It was sudden, almost impulsive, because after a difficult ride, he listed the bike for sale online. It sold within a few days to the first person who looked at it.

Loss and Grief

John was in shock and grief. He was not prepared for...

They say old dogs cannot learn new tricks. Not true. Coco is learning new tricks in a new life. Coco was a terrified homeless dog who cowered and hid anytime she saw a human.  Then she found a home in a prison in Sydney, Australia.  She is one of 1000 dogs who live in prisons as part of a program that rehabilitates rescue dogs and teaches inmates animal handling skills. Coco is now calm and friendly.

Hardship brought her to a new life where she could heal and learn new tricks. Throughout life, there is the possibly of growth and change. Motiv...

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Doubt, Restlessness and Boredom

17 Aug 2020

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