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“The little things are infinitely the most important.” 

– Arthur Conan Doyle

“It’s just a small scrape, I’ll take care of it later,” she thought as she rushed out to class. Jane is an 18-year-old college student, who is happy, healthy and busy. A small scrape on her little finger is nothing to her, and it is quickly forgotten. The next afternoon she noticed some discomfort and sees the red place where the skin was broken on her finger. She covered it with a Band-Aid and promptly forgot once again.

The Band-Aid didn’t hold, and Jane was too busy to r...

Everywhere we look, the world we live in tells us it's our job to be happy, and that being happy is simple.  Get rich quick!  Lose weight without exercise, just buy our gadget! Find love with just a click!  Popular culture suggests the only use for suffering is to have an excuse to drink wine and eat ice cream, then use the emotion to write another blockbuster movie or hit song, and move on.

I think we all know it's not that simple.  Sure, the pursuit of happiness is important.  It was even one of the driving forces behind the Declaratio...

Bad news is bad, it disrupts your life – at times for a short while, or it can change the course of your life. Every experience has the potential to contain some value.

When his wife said, “I thought you liked kitties,” it broke the “spell” of fear. They were able to laugh together, transforming the moment to one of joy and togetherness.

It is not easy to accept the reality of the difficulties of life, but if we can do so, then there are ways we can make life easier for ourselves.

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness, yet sometimes it's hard to cultivate those feelings simply because a calendar says it's time.   When fear, anger and uncertainty are in abundance, how do we find an attitude of thankfulness?

Dr. Robert Emmons has a simple yet powerful solution:

“Life is a series of problems that have to be solved — and a lot of times those problems cause stress. Gratitude can be that stress buster.” 

Research shows there are attitudes and behaviors that can help us lead calmer and happier lives. Performing...

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Doubt, Restlessness and Boredom

17 Aug 2020

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