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Restless is that feeling of being on edge, something is not quite right. It is a vague feeling that something is wrong and you need to do something about it. It is a part of the flight or fight system.

You want to change your life, slow down and have a more meaningful existence.  Maybe you made the decision to commit to one person and build an intimate relationship. You took action by starting therapy to create a more positive attitude. You have even bought into the idea of self-care and self-parenting.   

You know these are smart, health...

We are living in a moment of tremendous potential.  We are surrounded by change and the potential for more.  An important movement is underway: the movement toward anti-racism, justice reform, and to end police brutality and systemic racism. 

It would be very easy to do nothing, even if we wanted to help.  Life gets busy, we get involved with our everyday schedules, and things that are out of sight seem to disappear into tomorrow.   Many of us doubt the impact one voice can have.  The world is so big and there are so many people, it is e...

John walked into the office and before he sat down, he announced that he had sold his motorcycle.  It was a shock to me as well as to him.

Previously, he had casually mentioned that he might have to sell it.  He didn’t want to, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to ride due to back and hip issues.  It was sudden, almost impulsive, because after a difficult ride, he listed the bike for sale online. It sold within a few days to the first person who looked at it.

Loss and Grief

John was in shock and grief. He was not prepared for...

Help me to make beginnings:

to begin going out of my weary mind into fresh dreams,

Daring to make my own bold tracks in the land of now….

Help me to believe in beginnings, to make a beginning,

so that I may not just grow old,

But grow new

each day of this wild, amazing life

you call me to live

with passion….*

We look forward to beginnings, the beginning of a movie, the beginning of a game, the beginning of a good meal. They represent excitement and hold the hope and promise of something tasty, entertaining, or pleasurable. That is not all that beginnings...

I teeter on the brink of endings:

some anticipated, some resisted,

some inevitable, some surprising,

Most painful;

and the mystery of them quiets me to awe.

Guerrillas of Grace by Ted Loder

We are living a moment in time that comes only once every ten years. On January first, we put not only a year, but also an entire decade, behind us. Whether we notice it or not, we feel it in our psyches, in our bodies, in the energy of life. It is a time of reflection and change. 

Over the holidays, I heard Rabbi Stephanie Kolin speak about endings, beginnings, and...

“The little things are infinitely the most important.” 

– Arthur Conan Doyle

“It’s just a small scrape, I’ll take care of it later,” she thought as she rushed out to class. Jane is an 18-year-old college student, who is happy, healthy and busy. A small scrape on her little finger is nothing to her, and it is quickly forgotten. The next afternoon she noticed some discomfort and sees the red place where the skin was broken on her finger. She covered it with a Band-Aid and promptly forgot once again.

The Band-Aid didn’t hold, and Jane was too busy to r...

Each of us have familiar and automatic beliefs and reactions that have been with us before we had conscious memory. They tell us how to act and what to feel in response to certain situations.  They inform us of who we are and direct our lives.

It never occurs to us to be curious or question these responses because they feel like “who we are.” The idea that these are something we learned in response to

neglect, trauma or less than good enough parenting never occurs to us. We never think that perhaps our ideas are not within the normal range.

I'm Just...

For a few weeks now, we've been talking about the brain and how it can create different parts of ourselves in order to survive certain situations.  In case you're just joining us, this is not what is known as split personality or schizophrenia where the parts are separate and take over the person. This is a way of looking at how our unconscious mind developed, how it works, and the impact it has on us.  

Richard Schwartz developed the original model, called Internal Family Systems.  Then Janina Fisher made the connection between these parts a...

It has been a more than 100 years since Sigmund Freud shocked the world with his ideas about dreams, sexuality, mental health, human development and culture. Many believed that he was a dirty-minded pansexual and a pervert. When seen through the lens of time, we can see that his ideas were truly revolutionary. Viennese society in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was bound by strict rules of conduct and social morals. By comparison, he was a maverick, a visionary and innovator.

While some of Freud's theories have been discredited over the yea...

They say old dogs cannot learn new tricks. Not true. Coco is learning new tricks in a new life. Coco was a terrified homeless dog who cowered and hid anytime she saw a human.  Then she found a home in a prison in Sydney, Australia.  She is one of 1000 dogs who live in prisons as part of a program that rehabilitates rescue dogs and teaches inmates animal handling skills. Coco is now calm and friendly.

Hardship brought her to a new life where she could heal and learn new tricks. Throughout life, there is the possibly of growth and change. Motiv...

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Doubt, Restlessness and Boredom

17 Aug 2020

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