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Take It Easy For The New Year

30 Dec 2019

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Carlos went for his yearly physical and the phlebotomist asked, “Are you ready for Christmas?” This was a particularly difficult question for him because he has no one with whom to spend the holiday. He and his girlfriend broke up, his family is far away and his friends will all be off visiting their families. He is heart broken and disappointed, he expected that he would be having a happy holiday with his girlfriend. The phlebotomist was making typical holiday conversation, she had no idea that Paul was having a difficult time.

Disappointment is...

Alex tells his story.  “As a teenager I was considered difficult. Anger was my constant companion. I would be angry when my parents told me to do something, I hated all the rules and regulations of school. I felt controlled and resentful, that I was not able to make my own decisions.”

“When I went to college it was better,” he says.  “I did not feel as angry because I was free to make my own decisions. In hindsight, I realize that I was irritable. Loud noises, loud talking, delays and waiting, to name a few things, would set off grumbling and impa...

It is December and I feel my dread of writing yet one more holiday blog. I feel the conflict inside myself between that dread and my desire to write something of value; something that will help all of us have a better holiday season.  Then it hits me – that's what I should write about this year.  After all, I think my attitude reflects what many of us feel about the holidays.

The countdown to Christmas began after Halloween and we are well on the way to December 25th. The holidays will come no matter how we feel about them, what religion we f...

Once again, we are confronted with suicide in the headlines as two respected and admired celebrities chose to end their lives: fashion designer Kate Spade, and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain.  The news hit hard, as many people paused and acknowledged the impact of their deaths; many people acknowledged, “I'm not okay right now.”

For example, Jason is deeply distressed by the impact Bourdain's suicide has had on his partner, Anne.  She has never suffered from depression, but upon hearing the news, she went into a deep depression.  Jason also felt...

I recently talked with a man who works for a newspaper. He was struggling with his career path because of the current climate of mistrust.  What was once a career of excitement and a feeling of public service has become one where the community doesn't value his work.  He also struggles to find coworkers who are open to new ideas.

He went into the newspaper business because he believes in the idea of free speech and all that it brings to a life of free choice. Today, he finds the national climate attacking the media has trickled down to the lo...

The more we can see life as a process and life's event as a growth process, the easier it becomes. In many ways life is not personal.

September 18, 2017

Researchers find that mistakes lead to brain growth. By spending the time to figure out a solution, making mistakes, critiquing what happened, and focusing on learning, we are helping ourselves in the future.

An evolutionary biologist named Dr. Oren Hasson suggests that crying is a highly-evolved behavior.  Tears “give clues and reliable information about submission, needs and social attachments.”

Anxiety is an emotion that most of us dislike, and would prefer to avoid. We get so focused on preventing anxiety or avoiding anxiety we miss the value it has.

Conflict is a normal and healthy part of life and relationships. Humans are so diverse and different that one size does not fit all. It is not possible to be in friendships and close relationship without disagreements. These disagreements can help us grow and expand our vision of the world.

Sometimes, a heartfelt apology is enough to resolve a conflict.  Often, it takes much more effort.  Here are nine suggestions that will help you with conflict resolution:

1. Stress management:

It is important to manage your stress while staying present, aler...

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